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Owing to continuous human suffering perpetuated by civil war in Afghanistan, it was decided to create a nongovernmental organization, Maiwand Social Service Association (MSSAA) in 1993 to serve all needy and perturbed strata of the Afghan community, particularly Afghan returnees from neighboring countries or internally displaced persons IDPs due to natural disaster or internal conflict in Afghanistan. MSSAA is a fully voluntary organization; providing services to the aforementioned categories of people irrespective of gender, race, language or geographical location. MSSAA assistance is always free and within the rules and regulations of the country. It never seeks compensation or reimbursement from its beneficiaries.

A program development policy will save our organization time and money on recruitment of new staff and capacity building expenses and will minimize the chances of losing any opportunity.

MSSAA contributes in rehabilitation of irrigation systems, sanitation and water supply, rehabilitation of agricultural activities by providing high quality seeds, fertilizers, chemicals and tools, establishment of fruit and forest trees through plant nurseries, surveys and community need assessments, training of farmers, creating training and income generation for women and human resource capacity development.

We assist in the alleviation of human sufferings; inter alia; safe and smooth integration of returnees and or internally displaced people into local communities; provide awareness raising on health related issues, recovery of basic infrastructures for irrigation water supply, implementation of income generation projects to serve the most vulnerable returnee families.

Our success depends on:

1. Transparency: Making the organization’s management processes more open so that the public can learn how        MSSAA supports Afghanistan every day in every way.
2. Participation: Providing opportunities for MSSAA constituents to shape and improve services provided by the     organization.
3. Collaboration: Working cooperatively at all governmental levels domestically and internationally on policy matters      affecting a broader audience.
4. Accountability: Ensuring that the performance of all employees is measured against the achievement of the          organization’s goals.
5. Customer Focus: Serving MSSAA’s constituents by delivering programs that address their diverse needs.
6. Professionalism: Building and maintaining a highly skilled, diverse, and compassionate workforce.
7. Result Orientation: Measuring performance and making management decisions to direct resources to where     they are used most effectively.

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MSSAA intends to serve all the people in Afghanistan while currently active in Kabul and in the eastern region.

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MSSAA main office is located in Jalalabad of Nangrahar province and sub offices are located in Kabul, Laghman and Konar provinces.

Address: 1House.No:36, Zone 03. Nearby White House Hotel, Jalalabad City, Afghanistan
Telephone: +93700636332
Mobile No: +93786381990