About to MSSAA

Owing to the constant human suffering caused by the civil war in Afghanistan, we decided to create a nongovernmental organization, Narcotic Control and Rehabilitation of Afghanistan in 1993. Being renamed in 2005, National Consultancy and Relief Association, and later on the appellation changed in 2005 to Maiwand Social Service Association for Afghanistan (MSSAA).

MSSAA was established with a view to serving the needy Afghans, particularly Afghan returnees from neighboring countries and internally displaced persons IDPs due to natural disasters or internal conflicts in Afghanistan. MSSAA is a fully voluntary organization and provides services to the aforementioned categories of people, irrespective of gender, race, language or geographical locations. MSSAA assistance is always free and within the rules and regulations of the country. It never seeks compensation or reimbursement from its beneficiaries. MSSAA is registered as a nongovernmental organization, with the government (Ministry of Economy).

Our Objectives

1. Serve the poor and perturbed strata of the community through organizing relief and rehabilitation        response during and after emergency situations.
2. Active participation in the country ongoing development and rehabilitation programs.
3. Poppy free Afghanistan through promoting licit crops, provision of high quality improved wheat seeds,     establishment of fruit and forest tree nurseries.
4. Creating self-sufficiency through vocational training and income generation projects for both male and      female.
5. Rehabilitation of irrigation systems & other engineering projects essential for the rehabilitation and     development of Afghanistan.
6. Unbiased and timely humanitarian assistance to the needy strata of community across the country.
7. Reintegration & protection of returnees through implementation of different projects in returnee areas

Board of Director

S.No Names Designation Education Contact Number Email
1 Munir Ahmad Director of Board BSc +93 (0) 700636332 muniralami2017@gmail.com
2 Iftikhar Assistant Director BSc +93 (0) 788401580 hashemi85@gmail.com
3 Ismatullah Admin Finance BBA +93 (0) 700644306 Sayedismatullah10@gmail.com
4 Nasrat Ahmad Focal Point Master +93 (0) 785103090 Nasrat.sadiqi@gmail.com

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Services Overview

MSSAA intends to serve all the people in Afghanistan while currently active in Kabul and in the eastern region.

Contact Us

MSSAA main office is located in Jalalabad of Nangrahar province and sub offices are located in Kabul, Laghman and Konar provinces.

Address: 1House.No:36, Zone 03. Nearby White House Hotel, Jalalabad City, Afghanistan
Telephone: +93700636332
Mobile No: +93786381990
E-mail: muniralami2017@gmail.com