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MSSAA is committed and striving for contributing its professional services to the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan. We also endeavour to be a leading organization in health, livelihood, social capacity building and community development, motivating equal rights, peace and stability in the country.

Improve rural communities’ access to safe drinking water Improve household access to sanitation facilities in rural communities Promote a clear understanding of personal hygiene and household sanitary practices Ensure sustainability of services through community ownership and empowerment.

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MSSAA is striving for problem identification in different fields of life and is committed to find possible solutions to eliminate and reduce poverty, enhance living standards and enable communities to cope with their crises effectively and to increase their social status, human rights situation, provide health facilities and build a peaceful environment for vulnerable people by providing them with access to justice, equal rights, capacity building, improved health status, peace and human rights

1. Support application of the constitution particularly article 31st, and other adopted laws in the country.
2. Ensure motivation for fair trail and enhancing improved judiciary system in the country.
3. Provide free legal representation in both criminal and legal cases.
4. Increase people access to their basic human rights, justice and national peace building.
5. Mobilize youth to sustain their rights through building their capacity and attaining awareness .
6. Promote heath in the indigent communities by improving their knowledge, practice and changing attitude.
7. Promote rural communities in having access to health facilities and practicing hygiene and sanitation norms.
8. Assist in reducing mortality rate by improving health services.
9. Undertake timely emergency and relief action in natural or manmade crises.
10. Assist farmers for their development in effectively exploiting local resources.
11. Facilitate farmers’ capacity building and skills learning for improved livelihood earning.

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MSSAA intends to serve all the people in Afghanistan while currently active in Kabul and in the eastern region.

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MSSAA main office is located in Jalalabad of Nangrahar province and sub offices are located in Kabul, Laghman and Konar provinces.

Address: 1House.No:36, Zone 03. Nearby White House Hotel, Jalalabad City, Afghanistan
Telephone: +93700636332
Mobile No: +93786381990